Salter 27cm Glass Loaf Dish

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Perfect for preparing food in advance, this 27cm glass loaf dish from the Salter Thermoglass range is ideal for baking and freezing food. Just one dish takes food straight from the freezer to the oven, then to the table for serving, the perfect way to enjoy hassle-free food prep. Crafted with triple layer technology, this dish has a high release topcoat so food doesnt stick, a reinforcement layer, and the glass outer layer. This dish is dishwasher safe so cleaning up is just as easy as cooking.

  • Prepare, cook and serve delicious cakes and bread in this 27 cm glass loaf dish from the Salter Thermoglass Collection.
  • Designed to be put in the oven straight from the freezer, there is no need to change containers for leftovers or meal prep.
  • Technologically advanced, this dish has 3 layers: a topcoat for releasing food, a reinforced inner layer, and glass substrate outer.
  • A convenient all-in-one dish, this cookware is microwave and freezer safe, as well as being suitable for easy dishwasher cleaning.
  • Measuring 27 x 14 x 7.2 cm and oven safe up to 2200 C/Gas Mark 7, this bakeware is the ideal meal prep solution for every kitchen.

5 Years Manufacturer Warranty