Heston Blumenthal Precision Dual Platform Digital Kitchen Scales by Salter

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Heston Blumenthal Precision Dual Platform Digital Kitchen Scales by Salter Model number 1049A HBBKDR 1049A HBBKDR
  • Large high capacity platform (10kg) measures in 1g increments
  • Ultimate precision platform (200g) measures in 0.1g increments
  • Add & weigh function
  • Aquatronic feature
  • Stainless steel platforms
  • Dimensions: 26cm x 17.5cm x 2.5cm
  • Guarantee: 15 years
  • Includes 3 x AAA Batteries


Precision at its finest

Michelin star chef Heston Blumenthal has worked with the Salter team to create this impressive kitchen scale with two platforms for precise measuring and accurate readings.

      • Features a large platform with a high capacity of 10kg and precise measurements to 1g
      • Use the ultimate precision platform (200g capacity) to measure ingredients to 0.1g precision
      • Add & weigh function lets you measure multiple ingredients in the same bowl
      • Aquatronic feature lets you measure liquids
      • Designed with stainless steel platforms for easy and hygienic cleaning
      • Choose between metric and imperial measurements to suit your recipe


The brushed stainless steel platforms can be used in unison to give you accurate measurements whilst you prepare your food. Heston and his team at the Fat Duck experimental kitchens take pride in accuracy and precision within their recipes and this is reflected in the dual precision scale. Two platforms with different functions covers all the bases in this nifty kitchen accessory.

Dual platforms

High capacity platform: great for accurately weighing ingredients up to 10kg, measuring in 1g increments

Ultimate precision platform: weigh ingredients as light as 0.1g for precise measurements

You can weigh ingredients directly onto the platform surfaces, or in bowls with the helpful “add & weigh” function. Use the aquatronic feature to measure liquids by changing the units to ml or fl.oz.

Sleek design

This kitchen scale is slim and stylish with red accents along the sides for a modern finish. Measuring 26cm x 17.5cm, the scale is small enough to store away neatly and big enough to help you prepare your food efficiently and quickly, no excuse for not getting creative in the kitchen!


The first of its kind on the market, Heston’s dual platform lets you measure precious ingredients as light as 0.1g on the ultimate precision surface and ingredients up to 10kg on the high capacity surface. With this set-up you can weigh ingredients at the same time without hassle.

Backlit display

The dual display shows you measurements for each platform on one backlit LCD. The positioning and clarity of the screen makes it easy to read measurements and quickly prepare your food, you’ll be cooking in no time!

Designed by experts in the field of accuracy and precision, Heston’s dual scales inspire confidence and make a great gift for any budding chef or even those just getting started! Transform the culinary experience with this incredibly reliable dual precision kitchen scale.


Add and Weigh

Use the ‘Add and Weigh’ function to weigh multiple ingredients in the same bowl. This feature subtracts the weight of the bowl and only measures the new ingredient added. Simply reset the scales after each ingredient and then add the next to save time. This feature makes cooking quicker by reducing multiple cooking bowls and minimising the washing-up.


The Aquatronic feature has the ability to measure liquids without the need for a measuring jug. Simply choose your preferred unit of measurement (ml or fl. oz) and add the ingredient to the bowl. Suitable for all water based liquids (including wine, milk, stock, cream etc), there are no excuses for not trying out that new ice cream recipe!

User Guide

Dual Platform Precision Scale capable of weighing from 0.1g all the way to 10kg, this unique dual platform scale gives you unparalleled precision in the kitchen.


3 x AAA. Ensure +/- terminals are the correct way round.


Max weight x resolutions for large high capacity platform: 10kg x 1g, 22lb x 1/8oz, 10l x 1ml, 350fl.oz x 1/8fl.oz

Max weight x resolutions for ultimate accuracy platform: 200g x 0.1g, 7oz x 0.02oz, 200ml x 0.1ml, 7fl.oz x 0.02fl.oz

Product dimensions: 26 x 17.5 x 2.5cm


  1. Place bowl* on scale before switching on.
  2. Press button.
  3. Wait until display shows 0. * Use a light-weight bowl on the Ultimate Precision Platform.


Large High Capacity Platform The large platform has a 10kg capacity, with 1g increments. To weigh several different ingredients in one bowl, press button and wait for the large display to reset to zero between each ingredient. Ultimate Precision Platform The smaller platform has a 200gram capacity, with 0.1g increments. To weigh several different ingredients in one bowl, press button and wait for the smaller display to reset to zero between each ingredient.


Press unit button to scroll through until the desired unit is reached. To measure solids by weight: Select g (grams) or oz (ounces) To measure water by volume (Aquatronic™): Select ml (millilitres) or fl.oz (fluid ounces)


Auto switch-off occurs if display shows 0 for 1 minute or shows the same weight reading for 3 minutes.


To maximise battery life press button after use to switch off. Warning


Replace battery Weight Overload


  • if the scale is not being used for a long period, remove the battery. Always remove flat batteries immediately.
  • Clean the scale with a slightly damp cloth. DO NOT immerse the scale in water or use chemical/abrasive cleaning agents.
  • All plastic parts should be cleaned immediately after contact with fats, spices, vinegar and strongly flavoured/coloured foods.
  • Avoid contact with acids such as citrus juices.

 Download Instruction Manual

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